The Necessity of Being Missional, Despite How Hard It May Be

Let’s talk about being missional in our current culture and age, which is an extremely hard thing to do for some people (myself included).

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Why Your Church Probably Sucks and You Should Be There Every Sunday

Amazing post from sister in Christ Ms. Maci Shingleton. Read every word!

Maci Shingleton

photoooooooo  When my family began the process of planting a church over 3 years ago, I asked my parents if we could have an application process for our members. That way we could weed out the fake / lazy Christians right off the bat. They laughed. I was kind of serious. I have seen Christ so at work in His people throughout my life that I didn’t want the church we started to turn into a typical Bible-Belt congregation. I love the church too much to comfortably be a part of that. I have seen and believe that the power of Christ is strong enough to overcome that.

   About a year ago I secretly grew really frustrated with my home church. I stepped away from the girl’s small group I was leading and really wondered if maybe God was going to call me to another church. Church planting is…

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