July 21, 2014 (Monday) – Malachi 1:6-14

Today I read Malachi 1:6-14. It concerns how the priests of Israel had disdained and dishonoured God by offering Him polluted offerings. Highlighted here is the glory of God, where “my name will be feared among the nations” is said repeatedly by God along with Him referencing that He is a great King. This struck me. Not in my heart, but in my mind I knew that I had not abided by God’s message here. How many times in my life, even when I’m closest to God, has God just been in the background? An accessory to my life? Yeah, I mutter out some prayers but there’s no life or love or reverence in said prayers, just a quick “yeah yeah, I’m paying attention to you God, whatever.” Shame on me for that. God is a great King, and He deserves our utmost. Standing out to me in this post is the Scripture commanding extreme reverence and awe for God and His name. And, thank God, there have been men and women in the history of the Church who have answered the call. Charles Spurgeon, Jonathan Edwards, and many more, have held such a high view of God, a high view that we must strive to aspire to.

So with all this in mind, I prayed and I repented of my sin of not honouring God well enough. And I asked God for Him to give me a high view of Him. Because my view of Him isn’t high enough. When I prayed, a big part of me didn’t really think I deserved Hell, which is patently false. But God is faithful, and He answers the prayers of His children. He’s already started to move in me.

So, what lesson does this hold for my day to day life? Honouring God in every portion of my life. The gospel in its entirety – what Jesus did (the New Testament canonical gospels), and why He did it (all the rest of the Bible) – must permeate every aspect of the believer’s life. There must be no aspect of our being untouched by Christ, and we must bend every aspect of ourselves into submission to the King.

Understand, this is not an easy calling. It is a struggle to die to ourselves daily and take up our cross, but nevertheless, it is what the Christian life entails. It is what we must do, for there is no other choice for the follower of Christ. When one chooses Christ, they do not choose the easy life. They choose the hard, rugged, steep path of self-denial and godly living. This is a hard life, and impossible to live apart from the grace of God. Fortunately, God is faithful to us. He will not leave us as orphans or abandon us to this world.

Prayer for this Scripture: Father, King of All, drive our spirits to worship and honor You as God, as the King that you are. Let us have a high view of You, that You become our all and that we would give anything and everything in your lives just to know You better. Let us worship You as You should be worshiped, and that You are entitled to be worshiped as, as the King You are.

Relevant Sermon Materials

“Honour Thy Majestic Father” [Malachi 1:6-14] – John Piper, October 25, 1987 [retrieved from DesiringGod.org]

“The Curse of Careless Worship” [Malachi 1:6-14] – John Piper, November 1, 1987 [retrieved from DesiringGod.org]

[NOTE: When I post sermons, I will do my best to have at least skimmed through and taken out the main points to ensure that the sermons are sound and not something I’d be ashamed to post or endorse. My general criteria of posting them is that of trust in the preacher/ministry from which these materials come. In this instance, for example, I trust John Piper deeply as an able and godly Bible teacher. Consequently, I believe that his sermon materials on these verses may be useful to Christians and students of the Bible.]


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