July 22, 2014 (Tuesday) – Malachi 2

Malachi 2 was heavy. Heavy and deep.

Ultimately, Mal. 2:1-9 is about the unfaithfulness of the priests. The priests had been unfaithful, and God was pronouncing judgment on them. The anger in God’s voice is unmistakable here, he states that He will curse their blessings and offspring, and ‘spread dung on [their] faces’. When one really realizes how angry God is in saying this, it’s quite scary!

And here’s the part I love: God talking about the ideal priest, Levi. In Mal. 2:4-9 is Him describing Levi and His faithfulness and godliness and how He fulfilled the high and mighty role of a priest of God.

Now, before I move on, what do I take away from this? As Christians, we’re a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9). So, this applies to us. And it is an urging, a calling for us to be faithful. The attitude of God toward unfaithfulness is described above, and God’s lavishing of praise an honor on faithfulness is described as He describes Levi. In this world, it can be so hard to be faithful. What if you’re a guy, and pornography is just a Google search away? Or if you’re a guy or gal struggling to maintain a godly character in life? It can be hard, but the good news is that God is with us and will lift us up and keep us if we abide in Him and strive to seek after Him (John 15:4-5).

Honestly, after reading this, I’m praying to be like Levi. Levi is where it’s at. Faithful, godly, walking with God in peace and uprightness, turning many from iniquityTHAT’S what I wanna be! Let that prayer be for all of us.

Okay, what does Mal. 2:10-16 say? It’s about marriage. It speaks on divorce. I’m not getting into the aspect of divorce as that would be a whole post in and of itself (and for the record, yes I think divorce, in principle, is wrong according to a biblical standard of living and marriage). But God calls the Judahites out for being faithless. How have they been faithless? By being faithless to the wives of their youth. Divorcing them and leaving them, spurning a covenant that God Himself was witness to.

I found this so encouraging and convicting. When I get married, it will be my responsibility to love my wife with everything I’ve got and stick with her through thick and thin. As Mark Driscoll said, saying Yes at the altar is easy, but sixty years of faithfulness is hard. I pray that I’ll meet the challenge when it comes and be a good husband, and hopefully father, when the time comes.

But as for all of us; brothers, sisters, let us always be faithful to our spouses. Being faithful doesn’t just mean not having sex with another person, though that’s a huge part of it. It means your heart belongs to them. You’re not someone with a wandering eye, you’re not someone who thinks about how great it’d be if you weren’t in the marriage and could sleep around, and you certainly aren’t someone who gets into emotional affairs with people, giving them your romantic love and attention but stopping just short of sex and thinking that that means you’re in the clear. And yeah, sometimes the devil attacks us and plants seeds in our hearts that incline us to feel feelings of bitterness or resentment toward your wife or husband, that you wish you weren’t in the marriage, and the like. But, and I’m saying this from what I’ve heard and read from couples (believing and non-believing), in those situations talk to your spouse. If necessary seek counseling (I’d recommend Christian marital counseling, obviously). Don’t keep silent and let Satan work on you and work on you and work on you until you fall into horrible sin, like physical and emotional adultery, that could destroy your marriage. Above all else, in your marriage, lean on God – both of you. Pray together, worship together, study Scripture together. These are things I’ll aim to do with my wife when I get married.

So Malachi 2 was a very heavy read. But also very insightful and packed full of great theological depth.

Prayer for this Scripture: God, Father. Let us be like Levi. Forgive us where we’ve been unfaithful and went astray, like the priests you condemned here – we repent. Work on us day after day to make us like Levi, to conform us to Your image of holiness and uprightness.

Father, keep us faithful to our wives and husbands. Let us love them even though they are imperfect and have many flaws, as do we, as does everyone. Let us see the beauty in them, as You see it. And let us last the sixty or so years we have on this world, that we will be faithful and steadfast to the point that we will inspire others who wish to get married.


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