Devotional: Luke 1 (July 24 2014 – Thursday)

I just finished reading and praying on Luke 1. I think it’s a beautiful piece on how God entered the world, our world, and changed everything, along with how God’s plans are bigger than ours and always have a purpose.

It’s a long chapter (80 verses), but what I got out of it was this (in the broad strokes): God entered human history. He entered our world and directly and miraculously intervened in a glorious way to make a reconciliation between us and Him. That’s such a beautiful, loving, wondrous thing!

On a related note, just earlier today, I was reading some theology and it was kind of boring me, I am sorry to say – nothing wrong with the theology, the problem is with me. I was starting to think “how does this connect to our daily lives? To the world we live in?” I think Luke 1 gave me the answer.

Firstly, this world is God’s world, yes, but beyond that we are intimately connected to God through the relationship and the mechanisms of said relationship He’s built – Christ and the path of how we can know God through Jesus (which is where Luke 1 comes in, the beginning of Jesus’ entry into the world). Consequently, whatever God has done, or is doing, or will do, along with all aspects of His character and the like, has a direct impact on all of us as believers.

So that’s one thing. The next thing is that God’s plans are bigger than ours, and sometimes those plans may hurt, but there’s a reason for it. Elizabeth and Zechariah were advanced in age, and Elizabeth was barren. She mentioned in v.25 that she felt reproach based on not having had a child. So I imagine that Elizabeth must have begged God for a child in prayer, and shed many tears over not having been given a child by God. I’m sure she wondered why, why do practically all the other women in this land get to have children and I’m the one who’s denied? It must have been hard.

But there was a reason for it. God had His reason, and that was to have John the Baptist born at just the right time so he could herald Jesus at just the right time. Elizabeth and Zechariah had no idea about this, nor were they entitled to know (God doesn’t owe us anything). But it worked out for a greater purpose, and as part of it, Elizabeth and Zechariah had the honor of bearing and raising the herald of the Lord, the messenger of the Lord. What an honor, what a gift! All of Elizabeth’s pain at her reproach, at her childlessness, it all worked out to a greater purpose.

Brothers, sisters – when God has denied you something again and again, or has brought hardship into your life, rest in God and trust in His purposes. There’s something greater at work. And I know that’s hard, Heaven knows it’s been hard for me. But it’s the truth, and the best way to deal with suffering is to trust in the sovereignty and plans of God.

That’s about it for now. Grace and peace.


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