Journal: July 24 2014 (Thursday)

So, long day. Blessed day. I’m growing my relationship with God, despite some struggles, and I’m looking to grow more and improve.

How am I doing in my walk with Christ? I’m doing well, a things considered. I’m struggling with trying to love my enemies and the enemies of God (those who hate God and slander and attack those who follow Him) instead of having the worldly reaction of bitterness toward them for their attacks on God. The latter reaction is of the world and of Satan, and the former is of God, and the former I am duty-bound to pursue, and that I seek to pursue and achieve out of my passionate love for Jesus. I’ll get through it – the Lord will see me through. And besides, Jesus promised us that we’d face this, so it’s not a surprise, but He also promised us we’d be blessed when we underwent it. So that’s good.

I’m being drawn to worship God with my mind once more. Get back into theology. Reading some K. Scott Oliphint and a Klyne Snodgrass commentary on Ephesians. It should be enlightening.

I’m also being encouraged by the things I’m being exposed to on the Internet recently. Via Twitter, finding a group of artists dedicated to glorifying God in modern culture. Via Google, a collective dedicated to glorifying God in hip-hop culture and raising disciples out of that. It’s all so, so inspiring. It goes to something God’s been revealing to me recently in my life and heart – no matter how fierce and loud and even vicious the opposition can be (whether it be mild but harshly-worded, such as in North American secular culture, or literally violent and murderous, such as in Iraq right now), God will win. The mission marches on. No matter what the world tries to do, it will not and cannot keep us down. God is our King, and He wins in the end. It’s a beautiful reality.

But anyways, what have I learned in my walk with God today that I could extend as a lesson or guidance to anyone reading? From my own struggles? I have this to say: it’s not easy. Forgiveness, love, spurning the way of the world in favor of the way of Christ – it’s not easy. It’s not. But God will see us through. He’s always there.

So, new commitment for me tonight: more time spent in Scripture daily, more time spent in prayer daily, and being more of an active blessing to those around me – believing and non-believing. I need to be more missional, so I’ll pray for that. And I need to learn to rely on God more. Pray every morning, because I need it – I really, really do, and I’m not going to implicitly say anymore that I don’t need God to get through the day.

There’s other stuff going on too in my head and heart, but I’ll get to that in a day or so. There’s only so much room in this post, after all.

Grace and peace to you all.


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