The Necessity of Being Missional, Despite How Hard It May Be

Let’s talk about being missional in our current culture and age, which is an extremely hard thing to do for some people (myself included).

The world is in a dark, dark place right now. It needs Jesus. But even worse, the people that need Jesus – hate Him! Either they’re actively, consciously, openly, visibly hateful to the gospel, or they’re more subtly hostile to it – they don’t have strong feelings one way or another about religious faith, but they certainly don’t accept the Jesus of the Bible. And both groups of people, in my experience, are very set in their views, and will not tolerate people telling them that they’re wrong or they’re mistaken.

So where do we fit into this? Now, full disclosure here: I am, hands down, a coward when it comes to being missional, and I say that to my shame. I intend to take action to correct that. But with what I wrote in the above paragraph, being missional can be scary. You can get argued with, fiercely. You can get yelled at. You can have your name smeared by those who may see you as a dinosaur for holding to a faith as old as ours. Or, maybe none of this happens. Maybe most people will be fine with having a nice and calm conversation about religious faith. I don’t know, I haven’t been in many situations where I open up with the gospel, because of my own sinful failures.

But here’s what I’m saying, and I’m saying this to myself as much as I am to anyone else: even if the worst of the worst happens, we still have to be missional. We still gotta put ourselves out there. People are dying, every day. They are going to an eternity in Hell. Think about that. If you are near a non-believing person now, look at them. Right now, do it. As you look at them, understand that if they died right now they would face God in all of His mighty glory and majesty as He judges them, and condemns them eternally. An eternity in Hell, in torment that – at least from how the Bible describes it – human beings are incapable of mentally comprehending in this life. Fully conscious during it, senses tuned to their highest levels of sensitivity. For eternity. Never ending.

This is our duty. We need to have a heart for the lost, and if we don’t, then we need to entreat and supplicate our God to give us one. We are the messengers and representatives of this world’s last great hope, and it’s up to us – working in the name of Jesus, and under the prayers we send to Him constantly about this – to do what’s right and necessary and reach out to the lost. Getting screamed at is worth it if that person, or someone else nearby, comes to faith eventually, isn’t it?

There’s work to be done. Let’s get to it.


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