The Christian life isn’t ‘Safe’, and that’s a good thing

The Christian life isn’t ‘safe’. And that’s a good thing. Here’s why.

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Why Sin Is A Threat, And How We Fight It

Sorry for the few posts – I’ve been mad busy these past couple weeks. I’ll try to be more frequent.

God’s been teaching me that one of the scariest things about sin is that it’s so easy to fall into it. I’ll elaborate a bit further.

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Making Time for Jesus

I’m at a place where I don’t have access to the Internet, but right now I happen to be at a library. So I decided to post – on a minor note, to let you know I’m still alive, and secondly and vastly more importantly, to talk about why it’s vitally important – I’d say centrally important – in our lives that we make time for Jesus on a regular and continuing basis.

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