Making Time for Jesus

I’m at a place where I don’t have access to the Internet, but right now I happen to be at a library. So I decided to post – on a minor note, to let you know I’m still alive, and secondly and vastly more importantly, to talk about why it’s vitally important – I’d say centrally important – in our lives that we make time for Jesus on a regular and continuing basis.

I’m bad at setting aside time for prayer and Bible reading every day. I really am. And so when I write this, I’m also writing to myself too, so please do not interpret this as me standing from on high self-righteously lecturing, as that’s not my intent, either conscious or subconscious.

Jesus said we’ve got to abide in Him if He’s to abide in us (John 15:4). How do we pull that off? By seeking out His instructions and messages to us in His word, and by seeking Him and communing with Him in prayer. These two are vital – they’re God’s ways of us to reach out to Him, to connect with Him on a deep and intimate level.

So what happens if we don’t stay close to God? Something similar, scarily so, to forgetting God. We drift from God and become more disconnected from Him. And what I’m about to say is the scary part. Human nature, apart from God, is very dark and very scary. I’m not saying we’ll turn into murderers overnight or anything, but our heart goes to some dark places, becomes susceptible to dark temptations and other things. It becomes easier for us to become bitter, lustful, hateful, irreverent, sinful. At least that’s what I’ve noticed in my own life. And the scariest thing is that we, for some reason, think we can get by just fine without Bible and prayer, even as these things are happening to our soul. Again, what I’ve noticed in my life.

Now a positive reason for staying close to God in prayer and Bible reading. Because it’s our spiritual nourishment. It’s our spiritual food and water, our own manna from Heaven. The Word of God is our bread (Matthew 4:4) and Jesus is our living water (John 4:13-14). We need these things in our lives as children of God. They are required. They’re not optional.

Now my main point: we need to set aside time, every day, for Bible and prayer. Now I don’t mean to impose a legalistic burden on you. If you miss a Bible reading today, I don’t think that means you’re going to Hell. But think of it this way: instead of seeing reading God’s word and communing with Him in prayer as something you have to do, see it as something you get to do. God made a way for us, lowly beings that are practically dust, to communicate with Him, the Creator God of everything. He gave us a collection of writings that contain His will and everything we need to know Him and follow Him and live upright and fulfilling lives by His grace for His glory. These things are gifts, and I think we should try to set our minds in such a place that we enjoy them as gifts rather than as burdens. See your time with God as a joy, not a burden. I know, it’s difficult to get into that routine. It is for me, and I know it still will be for me. But, brothers and sisters, join me in trying to make this so, okay? Let’s do it together – trying to make time for God as a joyful act of worship and intimate time between a Father and His children.


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